Marketing that leads to sustainable income.

It’s hard to create sustainable income! That's why bifocal created a unique marketing framework that generates long-term revenue streams giving you a path to a lasting career.

Bifocal will help you build an audience, gain their trust and generate revenue.


Acquire tons of leads and clarify how you will make their lives better.


Build massive amounts of trust with your audience through top-notch relational marketing.


Capitalize on commitment through a proven framework that leads to sustainable revenue.


Bifocal is led by Jon Schneck

Jon is ready to help your company create a sustainable future. He earned his Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership and Strategic Foresight and has years of experience in the business field. Jon, a Business Made Simple Certified Coach, approaches every client from a creative and relational perspective having helped organizations raise millions of dollars and companies clarify their brand. Jon is also known for being the guitarist for the GRAMMY-nominated band Relient K.

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Jon helped more than triple Zach's email list with no paid ads, clarify his branding, and grow his fan base.

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It's not easy to build a website that clearly delivers your message while converting your traffic to customers. Bifocal will audit your website and give you feedback on what may be costing you money. We'll look for clarity, conversion, professionalism, SEO and overall user experience.

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Steps to Sustainability

We will help you clarify your message so your customer knows exactly what problem of theirs you solve. This is the first step in building a trustworthy brand that has long-term growth potential.

Bifocal's proven framework will work to grow your revenue. We will make sure your digital assets form a cohesive strategy that work to generate income.

Revenue won't come without an audience. Bifocal will create lead generators and marketing funnels that get the right people in your tribe and ready buy your product.

No one will give you a dollar if they don't trust you or your brand. We will cultivate relational marketing copy that will set up massive amounts of trust with your audience.

Finally, with a clear message, a proven framework, and an audience that trusts you, we will execute our proven formula to generate sales and create a sustainable model that will earn you lasting revenue.

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A personal guide working with you to solve problems, create a winning strategy and help you build sustainable income.

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Jon will walk alongside you, clarify your brand, implement bifocal's proven framework, build your audience and help you create sustainable revenue.

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It's hard to create sustainable income. Bifocal can help.

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